Monday, September 3, 2012

Conversations With God Here

  This is a conversation I believe that I had with God.  I put myself as P and God as G.

Conversations With God Here
 P: How do I make myself ready to change? How do I see myself as broken?
 G: You already know that you're broken, you just don't remember why you've come down here. You chose to experience brokenness as a challenge to overcome. If it was just a simple choice, you would have done it already. You've deliberately put up road blocks to make it more difficult for yourself. Take heart that this is all on purpose and with purpose. You've only done this to yourself because you know you can overcome it.
 P: Well then, how do I make myself ready to change?
 G: You can't make yourself ready to change. You will either be ready to or not. It's up to you. Are you resisting the brokenness? It will always be there if that's the case. Are you creating healthiness, happiness and love? It will always be there if that's the case.
 P: So I can just choose to create all these things and they will be so?
 G: Only if you know who you are and where you stand. You can't do it if you're in a world of illusions. You've created a world for yourself in which you are perfectly OK. It's everyone else out there that's "wrong" or "bad". You yourself, are incapable of any wrongdoing in your eyes. Do you think that someone who thinks he's perfect thinks he needs to change? Do you think he thinks he's not creating healthiness, happiness and love?
 P: So I'm deliberately ignoring the results before me that show me I'm not doing those things?
 G: Are you still so dull? Yes, you're ignoring the results, which is why you never actually catch yourself being unhealthy, disrespectful or even hurtful. You're in denial. It must be that people are misinterpreting your intentions. If only they knew your intentions, then they would not be hurt by what you are saying or doing.
 P: I see that you're being ironic and facetious. So, how do I see past the illusions?
 G: You have been shown that you are ignoring the voices in your head that keep telling you how incapable you are. You keep telling yourself you're stupid and insufficient. You don't stand up for yourself against these voices because you'd like to believe they aren't there. You're trapped in your own "security". You don't know you're suffering so you don't know the suffering that you cause others.
 P: You said to Neale that everything is a simple choice. Why does it not seem that way for me?
 G: You don't even know what your choices are. You are not putting yourself at a place where you even know why you're making a choice, what your options are or anything with thought put into it. You're just empty wishing if that's the case. Didn't I say in those books that thoughts are things and thoughts are creative? Well, if you're not putting any thought into your choices, how can you create anything positive?
 P: Well then, let's start from the beginning and figure out how I got where I am so that I can make it real to myself and then figure out a plan for how to get from where I am to the places I choose to be from here on out.
 G: That's going to be very involved, but don't let that discourage you. I know you've been in a depression and the last thing you need to be be disheartened. You realize that it's your skewed perspective that makes you get depressed by the very things that are trying to help you? You even wrote a proverb about it: "Sometimes the cloud that seems to hang over your head is just the shadow of a helping hand."
 P: Yeah, it seems that I have a part of me that knows stuff and parts of me that are confused, angry, ignorant, etc.
 G: It's all you. You are confused, angry and ignorant when you choose to be. It's that you haven't allowed yourself to be these things in healthy ways. Also sad, happy and a lot of other emotions. You have suppressed them and caged yourself, not allowing yourself to express them and get them out. Having been bottled up, you've had to become very inventive in the ways that you let them out. You have had to slip them past your controlling voice, which is your mother and father as channelled through you. You are still living with them in all reality because you still live by their rules. This is a self-imposed prison.

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