Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rickshaw Pulling Fool

  We just wrapped filming of the Chinatown scenes at Old Tucson Studios for 'Hot Bath An' A Stiff Drink 2' yesterday.  My character was a rickshaw operator.  What that translates into is me being a rickshaw pulling fool for two days straight!  I had to dodge horses, pedestrians, bicycles and wagons while hitting my designated marks.  I noticed that, scene after scene, I was pulling an empty rickshaw.  I approached the director and told him, "This movie is making my rickshaw business look bad.  I never have any passengers." In the very next scene, he chose the lightest looking person from the extras pool to be my passenger.  Yay!
  Yesterday, I had heard that Frankie Muniz from 'Malcolm In The Middle' was on set.  Unfortunately, I was only cast in scenes taking place in "California", while he was in the scenes in "Arizona" (actually, I don't know why I put rabbit ears on Arizona since that's where we really are).  I would love to have met him.  I did see him briefly as he returned to his trailer after filming.  I found out that Alison Eastwood and Robert Patrick are both in this movie as well.  I never saw either.  Oh well, I guess it's like in my last movie where I found out afterward that James Karen from 'Poltergeist' and 'Return of the Living Dead' was in it.  I wish I had met him.  Here's another trailer for the first 'Hot Bath An' A Stiff Drink'.