Sunday, December 9, 2012


  Chief Loh is now available to listen to on Radical.FM!  That radio station started following us on Twitter, so I read about what they do.  They allow you to upload your music to their station so that anyone could listen to it at any time.  I started following them on Twitter and I registered as a user to start my account.  Then I uploaded our song, 'How Many Times?' onto the website.  Now we'll see if anybody listens to our music.  I'll upload more songs if this proves to be a valuable resource.

  On a side note, I had shared a link to Chief Loh's song, 'Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon' on Mika Boorem's Facebook page.  Both she and a friend of hers liked it and commented on it.  She called it "Epic".  I just saw today that she messaged me saying that she would like to do something for a couple of her friends.  She said she'll get back to me once she's figured out what I can do for them.  I wonder exactly what it is she wants.  Does she want us to write a song for her friends?  I can't wait until she gets back to me!

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