Monday, February 25, 2013

Galaxy Amigos

  The other day, the movie, 'The Three Amigos' was playing on TV.  I love that movie, but I hadn't seen it in years.  I noticed that it has the exact same plot as 'Galaxy Quest', another favorite of mine.  A group of actors find themselves in a real-life situation that mirrors plots from their careers.  They must then become real heroes to save some helpless people from some ruthless bad guys.  They use solutions that they had used in their films to conquer their foes.  There's a scene in which Martin Short's character gives almost a verbatim speech about "What do we have to go back to in our pathetic lives?" just like Tim Allen's speech.  There is also even a scene in each movie in which the actors have to work out a way of signaling each other with a bird call, which goes wrong.  I love both movies and each is relevant in its own way, I just never noticed the similarities before.

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