Wednesday, February 13, 2013


  Chief Loh just submitted our music for consideration to be included in the soundtrack for this movie!  Here's the trailer.

  I've also been going to Pima Community College as a music major and doing very well.  I have been getting A's and B's on my tests and have been learning a lot about music theory and music history.  I also am in a performing orchestra in which I am the percussionist.  I will be playing timpani, castinets, tambourine, triangle, glockenspiel and other things.

  Oh, and a horror website is going to be interviewing me about my novel, 'The Nocent' by this coming Friday, February 15th.  They're doing a review of my book on their website too!  This is the same website that did the review of 'The Greater Number'.  Geez, I really wonder what they'll say about this book.

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