Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ambush At Dark Canyon

  Here's a synopsis for the movie that I am an extra in:
"Opening against the backdrop of the roaring 1920’s, a young, ambitious newspaper reporter, “Jesse Helms”, sets out to uncover the truth behind a famous bank robbery gone wrong in 1893, and the myth behind its alleged ringleader, “Duke Donovan”. Visiting the estate of a reclusive millionaire, “Seymour Redfield”, Helms begins to piece together Donovan’s story, discovering more than he bargained for in the process. Helms learns that Donovan, a famous lawman prior to the robbery, turned himself in and was put on trial for his crime. Sent to the Yuma Territorial Prison on a life sentence, Donovan enters the tortuous prison regime, forced to live among the outlaws that he put there. While enduring the hell of imprisonment under the sadistic control of “Warden Logan”, Donovan soon discovers that his bank robbery partner, ”Levi Hardin” , is still alive, and planning to kill Donovan’s wife for revenge. Donovan devises a daring escape with the help of fellow prisoner, “Cyrus Parker”, an old Buffalo Soldier . Knowing that they will be hunted and killed, Donovan and Cyrus begin a life and death journey to save Donovan’s wife, and the legacy of the fabled U.S. Marshal.
With the spirit of SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION in the old west, this revisionist, action-packed Western explores the challenges that one man will endure to defend family, justice and honor."

  Here's the website that it came from:

  I'm just trying to generate some intrigue for the upcoming release of the film.  The website claims that there will be a theatrical release as well as DVD at Walmart in Spring of 2014.  I know I can't wait!

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