Saturday, July 9, 2016

It Can't Rain All The Time: An Interview With Actress Rochelle Davis

     Actress Rochelle Davis is an amazingly deep, loving, and compassionate person. I've had the privelege of having several conversations with her over the past few years. You would know her as Sarah from the movie, The Crow with Brandon Lee, son of the late Bruce Lee. As you may know, Brandon was accidentally fatally shot on set while filming a scene. What you might not know is that this unfortunate tragedy resulted in Rochelle dropping out of acting. She has recently striven to get back into acting. Also, she is writing a book about her experiences, titled It Can't Rain All The Time. That is a quote from The Crow, and one of the most powerful messages from the film. I had the honor of being granted an interview with Rochelle recently.

     Me: At what point did you reach rock bottom and realize that you wanted to get back toward starting up your acting career again?
     Rochelle: When my ex-husband coded on my living room floor. I felt like the universe was telling me that I was wasting my time not doing what I love to do.

     Me: Were you allowed to keep anything from The Crow?
     Rochelle: Many things, but I have few left.

     Me: How was school life for you?
     Rochelle: Pretty terrible. Kids were cruel.

     Me: What were you doing when you found out that Brandon had been shot?
     Rochelle: I was in my dressing room waiting for them to locate a harness for my next shot.

     Me: What measures did you take to find yourself again?
     Rochelle: I looked inward at myself, spent a lot of time alone and learned who I was in the core.

     Me: Was there anything or anyone in particular that motivated you?
     Rochelle: Lots of things that motivate me. My son mostly.

     Me: How did you get into pet rats?
     Rochelle: My brother forced his on me and I fell in love.

     Me: Are there any upcoming conventions that you're excited about?
     Rochelle: All of them. Scares That Care in Virginia, the Palm Springs comic book convention, and the Days of the Dead in Indianapolis.

     Me: Do you have any acting gigs lined up?
     Rochelle: Mayyyybe.

     Me: What inspired you to write your book?
     Rochelle: My son.

     I certainly hope her the best of luck in finding some solid roles to portray cinematically. She is a dear, sweet friend of mine and I am blessed to know her. I look forward to reading her book when it comes out. I'd also love to see her at a convention some time. My dream would be to work with her on a movie project. Love and hugs always.

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