Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Have you seen the short horror film KLAGGER? If you haven't and still consider yourself a TRUE independent horror fan, YOU SHOULD! Why is that, you ask? KLAGGER screened at dozens of film festivals and conventions throughout the US and Europe for three solid years. The filmmakers (Casey & Gene Crow) are now expanding the short film into a 90 minute feature, prompted by an ever-growing outpour of fan enthusiasm.

KLAGGER is a grungy, industrial horror film about a man named Joseph Klagger who was killed in a factory explosion back in the 1970's. His body was physically destroyed in a way that made recovery an impossible task. As a result, the factory was closed down, leaving KLAGGER's remains entombed there for decades. In the feature film version of KLAGGER, a demolition team arrives to implode the old building with explosives and awakens Joseph's spirit from the dead! KLAGGER will be a serious, action-packed horror movie like NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN crossed with NEAR DARK. Rural, dramatically intense, and bloody as hell!

So far, Casey and Gene have received tremendous support from the horror community by launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund KLAGGER into feature film territory. The campaign has achieved 60% of its funding goal currently. "Horror fans are a die-hard group of people," says Casey Crow, the film's director. "We wouldn't have this level of success without their support. It's greatly appreciated!"

If you love well-made horror films, this is THE ONE to get on board with! To find out more on how you can become part of the KLAGGER project, hit up Joseph Klagger on Facebook (yes, he has a Facebook page) OR go directly to the Kickstarter campaign Klagger Kickstarter and join The Crow Brothers in making a cool horror movie!

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