Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dyn-A-Mic Tales

     Do you consider yourself to be a fan of comic books? If so, are you familiar with Dyn-A-Mic Tales? If your comic book tastes harken back to the good old days where stories were important and heroes were actually good people, you should check us out! Why is that, you ask? Dyn-A-Mic Tales stars super-heroes: Dark Thunder and Red Web. The creators (James E. Babcock and Rich Konkle) weave intricately detailed stories involving characters with depth and fleshed out back stories. The humor is intelligent and quirky, and the characters are believeable and relatable.

     In Rich's own words: "(Dyn-A-Mic Tales) is a double feature because (James has) a backlog of characters and concepts to try out...and this puts them in print twice as fast. In this issue, we have a goofy, super-hero satire ("Dark Thunder") paired with a mysterious, mythical "goddess" ("Red Web"). I can attest that James has other crime-fighting, sci-fi, and espionage characters waiting in the wings. Whatever shows up in future issues, though, the one common denominator will be costumes and super-powers. James is "old school" that way." - Rich Konkle

     In James's own words: "Dark Thunder is an overly-muscled, square-jawed caricature...a beloved, big jerk of a super-hero who was unknowingly cursed with an alter ego...which caused him to frequently morph into a nervous, bumbling little peon called "Norman"! Think "Superman becomes Mr. Magoo"! Of course these two nut jobs can't stand each other, and only want to return to their "normal" existence.

     "Red Web" is a more recent creation. My first attempt actually looked like a very young Spider-Man, but with a HUGE amount of hair trailing behind her. I quietly thought this looks stupid, since she'd be constantly tripping over it to get to the bad guys! So then I thought, "Why not add a webbing look to it, and make it an actual SUPER-POWER?" The webbed "hair" would be red...and out of NOWHERE I uttered her name for the first time: "RED WEB"!

     "So there you have it. "Dyn-A-Mic Tales" is meant to be a creative incubator: a place to try out those unused heroes and heroines still crammed inside my filing cabinet...give them life...and see if they grow! ...And once they've had their day in the sun, it'll be time for two other lonely, unused characters to finally make their premiere! Should be fun!" - James E. Babcock

     If you love well made comic books, this is THE ONE to get on board with! To find out more about Dyn-A-Mic Tales, go to Dyn-A-Mic Tales.

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