Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A little about my blog

  I am the author of a zombies vs. vampires novel called The Nocent part 2: Advent of the Scathing. My wife bought us a bumper sticker for our car which says, "I'd Rather Be Killing Zombies". I work on a Navy base and every time we pass through the gate, the gate guards see our sticker. We have earned the nickname Zombie Killers.
  I am always in the process of writing new stories, including the sequel to my first novel. It's working title is The Nocent part 3: Revenant War. This blog is for the purpose of sharing with the world some of my crazy ideas. The name of my blogsite, Necrolepsy, comes from one of those crazy ideas. One day I was thinking about A Nightmare On Elm Street and the fact that people were afraid to fall asleep because they might be killed. I came up with the idea: what if instead of becoming a victim when you sleep, you become a killer? I made up a name for such an affliction: Necrolepsy. It can also be called Somnihilism.
  Needless to say, that very concept is the premise of a new story of mine. Most of my stories are short, but I have several novels in the works. I plan to publish a compilation of my short stories along with my book-length stories. I also have a bunch of children's books I've written (not zombie-related).

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