Saturday, January 12, 2013


  There's a new promotion tool on the web called, Fastfan.  It pays fans to discover and sell music by unknown bands.  Obviously, it also pays the bands for the music that is sold.  This is really cool because Chief Loh has somehow slipped back to #9 ranking.  We have all our songs for sale at, but not a single song has sold.
  You know, ever since the Mayan calender ended, the world seems to have descended into a crazier state.  Kayla and I have both noticed this.  It almost seems as if the world was supposed to have ended, but since it didn't, it's in uncharted territory.  No one seems to know what to do anymore.  I've also spoken with a guy I met the other day who feels the same way.  Everything seems to be going downhill.  I feel more lost, afraid and confused than ever.
  I also have registered for classes at Pima.  I'm a music major now and am going to learn piano, guitar and lots of other things about music!

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