Saturday, May 11, 2013

Asperger's Syndrome

  Someone I have an indirect affiliation with was recently diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.  I was like, "What the hell is ass burgers?"  I decided to google it.  Here's the wikipedia page for it:  The more I read, the more things started to click as far as aspects of my personality, daily struggle and afflictions.  Even down to the insomnia that has plagued me all my life, this condition fits me as an explanation for my problems.  Any of you who know me will see this plainly from reading this article.
  I immediately called the VA and made an appointment with my psych doc.  The receptionist on the phone first said that there was nothing for several months, but then noticed a cancellation on May 28th so I booked it for then.  The wikipedia article said that the therapy is non-medicinal, which explains why none of the meds my psychiatrists have prescribed for me over the years have been effective in helping me in any way.  Here-a-pee, therapy, everywhere-a-pee-pee, Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!  I'll ask the doc to administer whatever tests will determine a diagnosis either way. We'll see where it goes from there.  Wish me luck!

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