Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Interviews And More

  Recently, I've done two new interviews for my books.  The first one can be seen here:  This interview was conducted by George L. Cook III.  I found out about it on the goodreads website.  That site has lots of opportunities for writers to connect with readers, reviewers, interviewers and other writers.  I'll tell you when the second interview comes out.

  Another thing I've done recently at goodreads was accept another author's request to proofread her manuscript.  The book she sent me is the second in a zombie series.  She also sent me the first book in case I hadn't read it yet.  I ended up loving it!  It's called 'End of the Line' by Lara Frater.  I wrote a review for it on in which I compared her book with those of AR Wise and Joe McKinney.  Last night, I finished adding my suggestions to her new manuscript, called 'Stuck In the Middle'.  I emailed it back to her with my notes and corrections.  She said she'll give me a free copy of it for my participation.

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