Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Alpha and the Omega

  God is all there is.  The universe and I are the same.  I have the strength in me to choose who I want to be.  My mother can't take that away from me and no one can give it to me.  It must come from me or it won't be healthy.  Now I can't just have vague ideas like happiness or health as goals.  I need specific, measurable things to work for with a fervency that can only come from inside me.  I need to let go of the fear instilled by my mother.  I can't be me if I fear anything.  Fear makes you alter who you are.  Love seeks to make you whole.  Fear makes you feel as if you need something.  If I feel that I need my mom to stop something, I'm not whole within myself.  I need to realize that ultimately, she is me.  I called this "outer" stimulus to make me doubt my inner peace.  The book, 'The Little Soul and the Sun' by Neale Donald Walsch says that I brought this to me.  Now I get to choose who I am in relationship to it.  Will I love myself enough to be whole despite it, or will I create the illusion of need within me and search endlessly to fill a hole that doesn't exist.  I am a soul that is whole.  Nothing can break a soul.  The song 'You're Never Alone' by Hatebreed says, "It's our struggles that define us and the hardships we endure.  Your spirit can't be broken now, it's who you are."  I am not my body.  Hitler himself could never tear from me my self.  What makes that self happy is what I need to work toward with a plan.

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