Thursday, March 14, 2013

Moving Toward

  As you may have read in my recent blog entries, I'm reading 'Conversations With God' by Neale Donald Walsch again.  Last night I read a part where Neale asks God how he can call forward a new world that's not filled with the problems of this world.  God said that he had to imagine a higher self and visualize the things this self would do and say in response to things around him.
  I think I've been going about things backwards.  I've been trying to hold in mind the fact that I am broken at all times.  God says that what you resist persists.  I've been calling forth my own brokenness because I've been so obsessed by it.  I should focus more on creating a higher self and making it real in my mind.  In this way, I'll be moving toward something.  It will be a goal to work for instead of an obstacle to avoid.  I will naturally move away from my obstacles if I am concentrating on moving toward something.
  This morning, I realized I had some fear in me.  Instead of thinking about getting the fear out of me, I chose to think of something I could do that I have confidence in.  I acknowledged my fear, didn't move away from it, but moved toward an activity with a successful outcome in mind.  In that way, the fear didn't go away, it just simply didn't exist any more.

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