Monday, April 22, 2013

Judge A Book

  A while back I blogged about the demise of my Kindle.  Well, I downloaded a free Kindle app to my laptop and was able to get all the books from my broken Kindle onto my laptop.  Yesterday, I went to to snatch up all the free zombie books like I do periodically.  I happened upon a book called, 'They Feed' by Steve French.  I really enjoyed the detail he put into his explanation as to how the zombies came to be.  After I finished reading his book, I searched for him on Twitter and Facebook.  When I found him on FB, I friend requested him.  This morning I found that he had accepted my friend request.  We started a chat about our respective books and he checked out mine at  He noticed my cheesy covers and offered to design new ones for me.  Once he was done with the designs, he asked me for my email address so that he could send me the designs.  His only request was that I acknowledge him in the credits.  No problemo!  They're spectacular and so I wasted no time in updating them on  I also updated the text of the books because I have come across many errors in my writing over the last several months and have corrected them.  Anyway, here are the new covers and a very big thank you to Steve French!  By the way, Chief Loh is now ranked #4 in Tucson on!

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