Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brady's New Leaf

  Last week, Jule Romans posted a zombie fiction writing challenge on Facebook.  The post had a link to her blog, 'Zombie Fiction'.  On her blog was the first chapter of a zombie story.  In this chapter were several characters.  The challenge was to select one of the characters and write an original back story for him or her.  There was a character named Brady, whom I selected to write about.  I connected him to an event that was mentioned in 'The Greater Number'.  Here is the link to my story. http://zombie-fiction.blogspot.com/2013/06/bradys-new-leaf-by-paul-loh.html

  Jule and I are now friends on Facebook.  She will soon be sending me some questions about myself so that she can publish an Author's Profile of me on her blog.  I asked her what will happen with the rest of the zombie story.  She told me that we are now waiting for back stories for the rest of the characters.  Once those are all published, we will proceed with new writing challenges to complete the rest of the story.  That is a fascinating way to go about completing a story.  Please check out the rest of Jule's blog using the link I have provided for you.  By the way, Chief Loh recently made it all the way to #3 in rank in Tucson on reverbnation.com/chiefloh.

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