Sunday, June 9, 2013

Coffee And Zombie Talk

  Today, I had a meeting with a local zombie author.  As you know, I don't like being a name dropper. I only use names when it will help the other person.  Anyway, he had contacted me through Facebook asking if I'd like to get together some time to have some coffee and talk about zombies.  Um, hell yeah!  So we set up a time and a place and it was really cool to finally meet him in person.  We've been friends on Facebook for about a year now.  I had found some of his books on  I had two of his books from the 'Elements of the Undead' series: 'Air' and 'Fire'.  He told me that he's currently working on the fourth book of the series, 'Ice".  I told him that if he's working on the fourth, that means I don't have one of his books.  He later emailed me a copy of 'Earth'.  I look forward to reading it!  We talked about all kinds of things.  He mentioned several authors that I am unfamiliar with and vice versa.
  What was cool about reading his 'Fire' book was that part of it took place in Tucson.  He actually mentioned street names like Speedway and Kolb.  Some of the action takes place at that intersection which I am familiar with.  But here's the ironic part, part of the action also takes place on board the USS Wyoming!  As soon as I read that part months ago, I messaged him on Facebook and told him about the fact that I had served on that very same submarine.  He was flabbergasted.  He only picked it because he used to go to Wyoming on vacations and he loves that state.
  He's doing really well at  He's been regularly selling thousands of copies of his books.  He told me that after his manuscript for 'Ice' goes through his editor, he's going to have it screened by some beta readers.  I told him that I'd be honored to be one of his beta readers and he agreed.  We exchanged phone numbers to that end.  We also talked about possible collaborations in a zombie story some time in the future.  He also writes science fiction and espionage novels.  I told him I'd be interested in a collaboration in sci-fi as well.  His profile just went up at Jule Romans' 'Zombie Authors' blog:  Please check it out and also check his books out!

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