Sunday, June 30, 2013

James Cullen Bressack

  A Facebook friend of mine, James Cullen Bressack recently made a movie called, 'To Jennifer'.  I did an advanced screening of it so that I could review it here.  I must say, the sequence of events is unpredictable.  I'm usually really good at knowing what's going to happen next in movies.  There were a lot of surprise twists that I didn't see coming.  This entire movie is shot on a cell phone.  It actually seems like just a bunch of friends going through a situation.  It doesn't even feel like a movie most of the time because the dialog is so natural and the chemistry between the actors is looks real.
  The reveal at the end about the true nature of the relationship between the main character and the title character came as a welcome surprise to me.  It changed everything I had thought about the dynamic of the characters up until that point.  For what it is, I'd say it is very successful and well put-together.

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