Thursday, December 23, 2010


Spoiler alert!  If you don't want a plot twist to a story I haven't released yet to be ruined, don't read this!

  Some of my favorite mystery thrillers are Identity with John Cusack, THR3E by Ted Dekker, Fight Club with Brad Pitt and Primal Fear with Edward Norton.  These are all movies where the mystery hinges upon multiple personality disorder.  I understand that the actual disorder is not a matter to be exploited for entertainment, but used fictionally, it can be a powerful plot device.  I've always wanted to write a story involving a mystery hinged upon that concept.
  Of course you know I love a good ghost story too, so I thought to myself, why don't I combine the two? Have a story in which there are several ghosts, but it turns out they are all the different personalities of a person with multiple personality disorder who died.  That's the basic premise, but of course, I had to throw in lots of plot twists so even if you haven't read the story yet and you read this, all will not be ruined.  I'm also not telling you the character's name(s?) or the story in which the character appears.
  On an unrelated note, I've noticed that not many of you have been reading the Nocent book I am putting out online.  I also realize that the first four chapters are kind of unexciting and actionless.  They're just introducing some of the characters.  Well, tomorrow, December 24, 2010, Chapter 5 does get a little more into the meat of the story.  From there, I promise, the rest of the book is a lot more interesting (in my opinion, anyway), so tell all your friends!
  A few more unrelated notes: today is the 7th anniversary of my wife and my wedded bliss.  Also, in less than half a year, we will be grandparents of twins (wow, more multiples)!  May will be a big month for me: I get out of the Navy, move back to Tucson, turn 35 years old and become a grandfather all within the span of around nine days.  Whew!

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