Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Random Thoughts

  It happened apparently some time in May, but I just found out that Paul Gray, the bassist for Slipknot died.  Also, JJ Righteous, the original guitarist for Mushroomhead died this year.  On the subject of death, I found out recently that an old neighbor of mine committed suicide in October.  Man, everybody's dying all over the place!  Makes my problems not seem so bad when I think about the families and friends of the deceased and how they must face the up-coming holidays mired in their loss.
  On a brighter note, I was just looking at my stats for this blog.  In the audience I found out I've got readers in France, Denmark, Latvia, Chile and all kinds of other places!  I personally want to thank all my readers out there.  At times like this, I'm neither angry nor depressed.  I guess it also helps that I got a Christmas card from my estranged sister.  She gave me some words that my niece made up which are cute:

Momster - mommy monster who's out to "get" her
Saddy - what dad is when something happens to make him sad
Baddy - when dad misbehaves
Zomblebee - cross between a zombie + bumblebee (a girl after my own heart!)
Cattoo - cat tattoo

  As I've written about before, I've recently started writing for  I've also started a Facebook page and a Twitter page.  I'm not very computer savvy so I have no idea what a lot of this shit is for, but if it will help people to be able to find our music or my writing, I'll do whatever I can.  Strange as this may sound, I originally got the idea to start a blog by watching the movie, Julie and Julia.  Kayla told me the name of the blog site Julie used, but I couldn't find it so I Googled blog sites and found and here I am.
  Speaking of music, my wife and I make some amazing music which we both think is better than most of the music that is coming out these days.  I ain't straight outta Compton, I'm straight outta Panda Express!  Also, the crazy shit I come up with to write is at least somewhat cohesive and original in my opinion.  I've also written six or seven children's books, two of which appear on YouTube.  I've written several dozen New Chinese Proverbs (as Urban Confucius).  I've got a comic strip that I draw called, Pompous Circus Dance.  I was an actor in an improv comedy troupe called the Peanut Gallery and I've dabbled in stand-up comedy.  I've made lots of home movies about aliens, zombies, ghosts, etc.  I don't wanna sound egotistical or vain, but in the name of fun and entertainment, I think the world should at least be given exposure to our vast array of goodies that we have to offer.
  I guess I should be grateful that I even get to write and do all those other things because it's therapeutic.  I have just cause, it's not just cuz.  Besides, knowing that I have all my readers worldwide, I've started ramping down on my Celexa (anti-depressant) and Strattera (ADHD medication).  I don't feel quite so depressed or unfocused when I'm writing, singing, spending time with my wife and dog, blogging or eating fried chicken (because you know how much Chinese people love their fried chicken).

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