Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ahora Yo Soy Un Zombie

  Gosh, my Spanish is as bad as my Korean.  Explore Talent just sent me an email saying that said that there's a movie starring Bradley Cooper that needs extras, but since I only have a free trial membership with ET, I can't audition.  I'd have to pay these people just so that I can audition for a part that I may not even get paid for!  Over the phone, they wouldn't even tell me where the movie was being filmed!  Why even offer a free trial membership if it doesn't do anything, dern fool idjits?  Reminds me of this one modeling talent agency that would represent me as long as I let them shoot a portfolio for me for several hundred dollars! No thank you.
  There's a film company I'm friends with on Facebook called Film Demic.  They just posted that they're doing a zombie short film contest.  I figure, that's something I can do.  I just had to turn down a part as a zombie for Night of the Living dead so I'm itching to play a zombie and here's my opportunity!  There's a cash prize and the winning film will get limited theatrical release!

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