Monday, July 25, 2011

We Wrapped Today!

  We completed the second and final day of filming of our short zombie movie today.  FilmDemic is going to start taking submissions on the 28th.  Now that we've finished filming, our editor will take over the project.  I want to thank my actors, extras, make-up artists, special effects crew, camera person, equipment assistant, screenwriter, story boarder, catering, lighting technician, editor and my assistant director for your hard work!  The dailies have been amazing and I can't wait to see the finished product.
  I was the writer/director/actor for this movie, which I'll be calling 'The Smell of Fear'.  The first day of filming yielded some professionally disgusting looking zombie action, thanks to our special effects crew.  Today, we shot most of the interior shots and the dialog scenes.  Now, our editor will put it all together.  I must say, I've seen some of the past work that our editor has done and I am confident in her skills.  My movie is in good hands.  When it is done being edited, I'll submit it to FilmDemic and wait for the announcement of the winners.  After that, I'll release it on YouTube and all that.

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