Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coming Out

  Sometimes I feel like calling my mother and admitting to her that I am heterosexual.  I've never told her.  I've got to break down and come out of the closet.  As ridiculous as that sounds, is how ridiculous it should sound to have to do the same if I would have been homosexual.  Why is it that not telling my parents that I'm heterosexual is perfectly okay.  It doesn't show that I'm ashamed to love women.  I don't have to "admit" to them that I'm "straight".  I see an inherent inequality here that I don't like.
  Also, I don't have "straight" pride parades.  When I kiss my wife in public, nobody accuses me of trying to push my orientation on people.  No one asks me if I'm afraid I'll influence my children to be "straight".  Geez, you know, this blog was gonna be about a couple of websites I've added to my links.  I was just going to make a joke about telling my mom I'm straight, but then I realized I had more to say on the subject.  I never realized I had such deep feelings on the subject of homosexuality.
  Now, back to the lecture at hand.  I just submitted my short story, 'Alive Again' to All Things Zombie so that I can have it published there.  I tried to submit it to One Buck Horror also, but I couldn't figure out how to format it correctly.  Well, if any of my readers are also writers, I recommend that you follow these links to these websites and submit your own stories or art.  You can also follow OBH's tweets like I do.

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