Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finally Figured It Out

  Boy, it just goes to show you how technologically idiotic I am.  The other day I was writing to you that I couldn't figure out how to format my short story for submission to One Buck Horror.  They want it in the .doc format.  I'm like all dragging my knuckles, eating bananas saying, "Uhhh, what's that?"  Then I looked a bit closer at the Submission guidelines and it just happened to say 'Word (.doc)' as the required format.  Light dimly fizzles on in my noggin: "Does that mean Microsoft Word?"  Little imaginary British children are prancing around me chanting, "No brains, no brains.  La la la la la!"
  Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius did it again.  I went to the Start menu, clicked on All Programs and kabluey, baby!  There's Microsoft Word.  Now it was just a matter of copy/paste and a ray of sunlight burst through the clouds, descending on my humble abode as harps played.  I went back to the One Buck Horror website, clicked on Fiction Submission and the rest is history.  Well, shit, I don't even know if they're gonna publish the damn thing, but I'm just glad I figured out how to submit it.  Chalk up another point for Paul, and his (imaginary?) opponent Idiocy gets nothing today.  Better luck next time, pal.

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