Monday, April 18, 2011

Local Haunts

  There's a TV show based out of Florida that investigates places in Florida and Georgia that are alleged to be haunted.  I watch it every Sunday night.  I jokingly call it Yokel Haunts.  It's actually pretty well put together for a locally made TV show.  They've done more than one show right here in the city of Saint Marys, Georgia.  Kayla and I have actually been to a few of the places in which they conducted their paranormal investigations.  We took lots of pictures and would like to take video and audio as well.
  In Connecticut, there was a haunted light house that we wanted to be able to see, but they don't do tours very often there.  We were able to pass by in on a ferry once, but that's the closest we got to it.  There were lots of really old grave yards in Connecticut just tucked away even in the middle of neighborhoods and stuff. Those were kind of cool to hang out in.
  We went to the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona.  That's pretty neat.  I'd love to be able to devote more time to paranormal investigations, even as just a hobby.  It's fun to look at your pictures or footage and listen to your audio for anybody reaching out to you from the other side.

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