Thursday, March 17, 2011

52 Pick Up

  When you're bipolar, focusing on a task is like trying to build a good hand in a mental game of poker while your mind wants nothing more than to force you to keep playing 52 Pick Up.
  When I wrote part 2 of The Greater Number 2, I decided to leave it with a cliffhanger, but I had no idea what I was going to build to.  This morning, inspiration struck so I wrote up part 3.  I think I like the way this story is shaping up.  You know, if this series of stories ends up with many sequels, I might just seek to publish it as a new novel.  To think, it all started as a dream.  I'd say it's come a long way since then, if I must say so myself.
  As a matter of fact, Zombie Genesis has gotten four followers!  Can you believe that?  People are actually following the stuff that comes out of my noggin!  I don't even follow it all that well all the time!  To my worldwide readers, please check out the blogs of my followers.  I'm not too good at this whole social networking thing, but I think they'd appreciate it.  I know I would.
  Kayla and I got Tim Burton's film, 'Ed Wood' sent to us by Netflix the other day.  I was struck by how similar he and I are.  He's a guy who is passionate about the stories he has to tell.  He wants to get them out to the world, but he has to face a lot of naysayers and people who don't believe in him.  I'm not trying to whine or nothing.  I really do have an amazing readership which I do appreciate immensely.  Friends from middle school, high school, college and other places, plus all my worldwide readers.
  It's awesome to see how popular my New Chinese Proverbs were too.  It started out as just a bunch of thoughts, then I wrote them down.  Now people all over the world have read them.  I'm sorry, but grandiosity is one of the symptoms of bipolar disorder.  Depakote, please humble me.  I don't want to turn my readers away with an over-inflated ego.

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