Monday, March 14, 2011


  When you're bipolar, you alternate between feeling like that proverbial chicken with its head cut off and feeling like that chicken's head.  I feel as if Depakote has reattached the head to the chicken.  Now Frankenchicken gets to pick up the pieces of his life and sort out what's what.  I never knew how good it feels to be more or less whole.
  Today my wife and I went to speak with a doctor down in Jacksonville about the results of a psychological evaluation I took a couple weeks ago.  He asked my wife what she noticed about my personality before the Depakote.  She told him a lot of her observations of my behavior.  Without even knowing it, she touched on some very telling signs of bipolar disorder like grandiosity.  Several of the things she mentioned corroborated the results of the test that the doctor already had in his hand.
  He pointed out that the evaluation I filled out took place before I was prescribed the Depakote.  He was curious as to how I would respond to the test now that I'm on it.  I went downstairs to the computer and redid the test.  This time, he said I seem to exhibit a lot less symptoms of bipolar disorder in my answers.  So now, I have two Navy psychologists, one civilian psychologist and one Navy psychiatrist who all agree I have bipolar disorder.  Whoda thunk it?


  1. I think I may finally have figured out how to leave a comment...?

    Okay, I've read through your blog, and I am surprised there is not one mention of The Walking Dead. I can only assume this means you have not seen/heard of it. It's a comic book series by a guy who (rightfully) asserts that movies are the wrong format for exploring zombie apocalypse. Because movies have a beginning, middle, and end, and once the movie is done, you're still left wondering what happens to these characters and human life in general after zombies are running rampant.

    Thus he created The Walking Dead, which follows one character in particular, but has the general idea of exploring over the long term what happens to us after a zombie apocolypse -- once civilization and society collapse, resources start to go scarce, and people live with constant fear of gory death and the trauma of having killed zombies, watched loved ones turn into zombies, etc. Fascinating!

    Anyway, now the story has been adapted to a television series of the same name. It premiered on Halloween and was a big enough hit that it will be returning, which is great because the first season was a scant six (very well done) episodes. And now the first season is available on DVD so you can get it on Netflix (unfortunately, on disc only, no Watch Instantly). You go and you watch it, Paul. You go and watch now!!

  2. Okay, yay, I really did manage to post a comment. Woo-hoo!

    Sorry it has nothing to do with that particular blog entry.