Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Greater Number 2

  I've got fresh ideas brewing for a sequel to The Greater Number.  As early as tomorrow I may debut the first part of the story.  Also, I have over a dozen other short story ideas that I might start putting out soon.  Writing is so fun.  I hope the Depakote isn't making my writing suck!  My doc says it should manage my manic episodes without sacrificing my creativity.  Oh, goody!
  We just watched 'Rennaisance Man' with Danny DeVito on Netflix.  I had forgotten just how good that movie is.  I've just been having such a good streak of movies coming my way.  We also just made a trip to Borders.  We wanted to get some info about India and Tibet.  We want to learn about their food, their language, etc.  While we were there, she found a book called, Zombie CSU: The Forensics of the Living Dead by Jonathan Maberry.  Knowing me, I snatched it up immediately!  Can't wait to read that!

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