Wednesday, March 9, 2011


  Just got Re-Animator sent to us from Netflix yesterday.  Watched it with my wife last night.  I had forgotten just how cool that movie is!  My wife liked it too.  It was the first time she had ever seen it.  She really liked Herbert West.  There are so many classic lines and scenes in there I had forgotten about.
  I'm half-way through writing the final part of the Greater Number.  It has been a really gratifying experience for me.  I mean, once I had that dream, the story practically wrote itself!  I've just been sitting back and watching where it goes.  I'm thinking once I'm done writing that, I'll start putting out one of my dozen other short story ideas.  It keeps my creative juices flowing.  I might put out a part of Six Shooter or anything really.  I'll have to go over my folder of short story ideas and pick one that I think will challenge me, but at the same time, be interesting to you.

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