Monday, March 7, 2011


  It has always been my idea that if everyone is looking out for everyone else, then no one will go without.  Kayla has had to reel me back to reality in pointing out that not everybody lives like that.  If I continue to only give without any thought to my own needs, I will only hurt myself and, therefore, not be able to help others as effectively as I could if I took care of myself first.
  I just watched a movie on Netflix called, 'From A Place Of Darkness'.  Throughout the movie, Kayla and I were impressed with the metal guitar riffs during several scenes.  We sifted through the credits at the end to see the names of the musicians so that we could do a search on itunes.  It turns out the movie was made in Tucson, Arizona!  Not only that, but one of the main musicians is named Jamie Mitchell.  Now, I do realize that Jamie Mitchell is a common name, but Jamie Mitchell a musician (possibly metal guitarist) from Tucson, Arizona?  If you might recall, that was the name of the lead guitarist from my old band, Shadow Puppets.
  I tried looking him up on itunes.  I looked up both Jamie Mitchell and the name of the band, the movie attributed the music to, Ingo Swann.  Neither turned up anything.  I tried wikipedia and that had nothing either.  I tried looking up Jamie on Facebook and that was fruitless as well.  Oh well, if it is him, I'm glad he seems to be doing pretty well for himself.  Even if that's not him, I hope he's doing well wherever he is.

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