Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zombie Creation

  I've renamed Zombie Genesis as Zombie Creation.  I did this because I'm writing original stories on this blog.  I also like the interplay of Evolution vs. Creation.  I'll still be occasionally publishing my old writing on this site, but now it's more focused on new material.
  I'm really excited about the Greater Number.  I've got some surprising directions I'm going to be taking the story in soon.  If you've been following the story, thank you and you've got some cool twists to look forward to!  I try not to be predictable with my writing.
  Also, if you've been following the Nocent, thanks!  We're now more than half-way through the story.  Things will be cooking soon between the Untaken and the Defectors.  I can't wait to reveal it to you.  And when this book is completely released, I'll start putting out its sequel, the Nocent part 3: Revenant War.

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