Sunday, May 22, 2011

Making the Film

  So yesterday I went to the studio to be part of the background in a western.  Kix Brooks of Brooks and Dunn came out of his trailer to welcome us to the studio and thank us for participating in the making of the film.  He's the star of this particular movie.  It's about a bank heist.  First, they had to make sure our costumes were period-correct for the 1890s.  Then it was off to hair and make-up.
  The scenes we shot involved the bank robbers leaving the bank and the ensuing gun fight.  There were several horses, as well as gun props involved in the scene so we had to have a briefing about horse and gun safety.  We were each given our starting marks and actions and then it was time to shoot.  The director sets up camera angles, lighting and rehearses the scene.  He also has to help the actors practice to look like they're used to riding horses.  That was a sight comical to behold.
  Finally, when everything was set up, the director first yelled, "Background!" signaling us to start our actions, then he yelled, "Action!" signaling the actors to start.  Each scene was shot several times and there were different angles and close-ups shot of the scenes.  After a while, we broke for lunch.  One more scene was shot after lunch and then the sun light was too different for continuity's sake to shoot any further.  I guess they don't film on Sundays so we'll be resuming on Monday and Tuesday.
  As I was getting ready to leave, a cowboy I hadn't seen previously was walking around.  As soon as he took his hat off, I recognized who it was.  It was Ernie Hudson!  I know him mostly as the fourth Ghostbuster, but I know he's been in lots of movies.  I actually got to shake his hand.  It was so cool.  As I shook his hand I looked him in the eye and said, "I'll see you on Monday."  That's right, Paul trying to be cool.  Trying.

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