Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Asian-American Idol

  One of the casinos in town has a contest for singers.  It's on Saturday nights.  I submitted my name for consideration.  The next step would be if they called me, I'd go in for an audition.  If I pass that, there would be about 19 others I would be competing against on a given Saturday.  The event is televised!  The prize is $25,000 and a chance to audition for a recording company.  Cool or what?  Chief Loh will finally get the chance we've been waiting for!
  The other day we went online looking for a robe for me to wear.  We found an awesome kung fu robe that is black and extends all the way past the knees.  That is what I would wear to sing on stage in front of the audience.  Paul "Zombie Killer" Loh with his new stage persona.  Speaking of stages, I'm planning on performing a stand-up comedy routine for open-mic night at a local comedy club.
  On a side note, I'm writing a new short story in the Greater Number saga called, 'Index Patient'.  It tells the story of Kojira, the Japanese scientist and the beginning of the zombie outbreak.

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