Tuesday, May 24, 2011

That's a Wrap!

  There may be more filming on the 31st, but I think filming concluded today.  I had a couple of really cool conversations with the actor, Courtney Gains.  I first thought I remembered him being in a zombie movie, but he told me he never has.  He said he'd love to be and I told him I'm a zombie novelist.  I asked if he'd be interested in acting for me if I ever got one of my books made into a movie and he seemed fairly interested.  We also talked about the show, 'The Walking Dead' on HBO.  I told him I'd have to catch the first season on Netflix so that I can be up to date when season two starts.
  That conversation took place yesterday and last night it finally struck me where I know him from.  He was in Back to the Future.  After George punches out Biff, he's dancing with Lorraine.  A red head cuts in and Marty's hand starts to disappear, affecting his guitar playing.  Lorraine calls out to George and something suddenly clicks into place inside him and he knocks the red head on his ass to resume his dance with Lorraine.  Courtney Gains was that red head.  That scene is one of my top ten favorite scenes in the history of cinema.  I told him that and why it means so much to me.  It was the moment that George decided to take charge of his life and fight for what he loves and believes in.  Courtney really appreciated my assessment of that scene.  I just sent him a friend request on Face Book.  I hope he accepts!

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