Thursday, January 20, 2011


  I've had quite an extensive history with animals.  It started when I was in the second grade.  Oddly enough, it was because I saw Mary Poppins.  There was a scene where she opens a window and a bird comes to her finger.  It amazed me because I didn't know it was fake.  I wanted to have that kind of connection with animals because they had always fascinated me.
  I always had a way with dogs.  When I was in the faux painting company, I was the designated dog handler.  We'd go into a house.  I'd gain the dog's trust, then lead it into the back yard, master bedroom ,bathroom, laundry room or wherever seemed the most humane depending on the house.
  When I was twelve, I found that I could gain the trust of birds and mice too.  I could make them come to me or at least not run away.  I've pet ducks, sparrows, geese, doves and those little brown birds.  The coolest, though was one day I was visiting my grandfather's grave.  I saw a hummingbird in the dirt.  I approached it and it looked at me.  I slowly reached out and pet it.  I thought that maybe its wings were injured or something.  Not two seconds after I stopped petting it and walked away, it flew away into a nearby tree.
  I've pet goats, cows, sheep, ostriches, horses, lizards, snakes, turtles and a bunch of other things.  I can also get airborne birds to come to me.  If I hold out a piece of food, birds will come to my hand and take it.  My sister once photographed this.  Whenever I'm able to scan in that photo, I'll show it to you along with pictures of some spiritual orbs in relation to my blog about supernatural phenomena.  Please write in with any experiences you've had with animals or spirits.

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