Sunday, January 30, 2011

Il Mare

  Years ago I hopped on a plane to visit my parents in Korea.  One of the in-flight movies was a little Korean production called Il Mare (The Sea).  I fell in love with that movie and its soundtrack.  Back then stuff was mostly still on VHS and audio cassette (ask your grandpa what those are).  Anyway, I bought both while I was in Korea.  There's a song on there called 'Must Say Goodbye'.  Awesome tune!  That movie is honestly one of my favorites of all time.
  Anyway, flash forward several years.  A movie called The Lake House comes out with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.  It purported to be a remake of Il Mare.  I was so excited to see it!  Boy was I disappointed to stand witness to that watered down drivel.  If my frown became any more pronounced, a leprechaun might have put a pot of gold under it.
  Flash forward again to just recently.  I did a search for Il Mare on Netflix and lo and behold they had it!  The clouds opened up and little cherubs descended playing tiny harps.  If my smile was any more pronounced, a dyslexic leprechaun. . . Anyway, if you want to see the inspiration for The Lake House, I highly recommend the Korean original.  Please, tell me what you think!

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