Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paranormal Activity

  I saw a commercial that said that brushing alone can't get rid of all plaque so now I always brush my teeth with my wife there with me.  Speaking of commercials, I saw a headache medicine commercial that said that their product works twice as fast!  You had to read the fine print at the bottom of the screen that says "as compared to using nothing at all."  Wow!  When I have a headache it seems like in never goes away.  What's twice as fast as never?  Speaking of medicine, I took some cold medication the other day.  The label on the bottle said that it might make me drowsy and not to operate heavy machinery while on it.  Dammit, I was hungry and a refrigerator is a helluva heavy piece of machinery so I just had to starve until the medicine wore off.
  I'm finally gonna keep my promise and tell you about all the various run-ins I've had with paranormal thangs throughout my lifetime.  When I was twelve I used to see every once in a while, blue or white lights flashing in places where there was no camera or other explainable source of light.
  When I was 17, I woke up one morning an was lying in bed.  Suddenly, I felt a pressure on my chest.  It let up and then came back three times.  During the last bout of chest pressure I heard a laughter at the side of my bed and a voice said, "Pathetic human."  In old cultures, the chest pressure phenomenon was believed to be a demon sitting on your chest.  I've heard from other sources that you experience that sensation when your spirit is coming back into your body from astrally projecting.  I believe that my spirit travels the world while I sleep.  I think that's why I dream so vividly and lucidly.
  In my college years I continued to see those bursts of light like when I was a child.  Occasionally they were accompanied by sound like snapping or clapping.  One night I was hanging out with four other college buddies and three of them saw the light too.  One said it looked like an orange orb appeared in the middle of the room and traveled a few feet before disappearing.
  One morning, I was awakened by the sound of a bird's wings fluttering around my room.  When I looked around, there was nothing there.  Then I heard a dog walking around.  I could hear its tags clinking and hear it breathing.  Of course, there was no dog in the room.
  In that very same house, there was a spot in my bedroom that had a spooky quality.  I found it first when I was on the phone with a friend of mine.  When I walked into a certain part of the room I could hear screaming on the phone.  One voice would be crying and screaming, "No, no, no!" and another would be shouting, "Shut up!  Shut up!"  Both my friend and I could hear it.  I think it was an imprint from the past.  The entire time I lived in that house, every time I was on the phone and I went to that part of the room, I'd hear that EVP.
  Once, in a different apartment I lived in, I was sitting in the living room.  The apartment was on the second floor.  Outside my door, I heard two people walking up the stairs talking to each other.  One said, "Yeah, that guy killed himself in there."  Now I had always felt a presence in the apartment so I opened the door to ask them about it.  There was no one there.
  When I was going out with a girl, I used to spend a lot of time at her parent's house.  I always got a strong sense of a female presence in the house other than my girlfriend and her mother.  I asked her parents about it.  Her dad told me that the previous owner had actually been the great aunt of my then girlfriend.  She had died of a heart attack in that house.
  I moved in with Kayla when we were going to get married.  One night I saw a little blond girl in a white night gown.  She disappeared as I approached her.  Kayla and my step-daughter, Ariah both said they'd seen her plenty of times in that house.
  During my time on the USS Wyoming SSBN 742, I occasionally saw a woman wearing a white dress roaming the passageways.  I heard there was also the ghost of a little girl and a dog that people would see.  The little girl was the daughter of a Navy man.  While the submarine was  being built, she was visiting her father and she fell to her death.  I don't know the story of the woman or the dog.
  One house I lived in here in Georgia had lots of strange goings on.  I was lying in bed one night and I heard what I thought was Kayla coming into the bedroom.  I kept my eyes closed because there was nothing unusual about that so far.  But then she came around the bed right next to me.  I could hear breathing and I opened my eyes, thinking she might want a kiss or to talk or something.  All I could see was a shadow standing at the side of the bed by me.  It leaned over me and I could feel its breath on my cheek as I heard it breathing.  I called out to Kayla.  She was in the living room and she came into the bedroom.  I turned a light on and the shadow disappeared.
  On a different night, I was in the bathroom with the door closed and Kayla was in the living room.  I heard a voice say, "Oh, really."  I opened the door and asked Kayla who she was talking to.  She was about to ask me the same question.  She thought it was me.  The voice had come from somewhere between us.  She also heard it clearly say, "Oh, really."
  On yet another night, I had a run-in with a ghostly canine.  We had a removable gate that we had installed on our bedroom doorway to keep the dog out of the bedroom.  One night after I had gotten up to use the bathroom, I was fumbling around in the dark trying to get back to bed.  I opened the gate and I heard little foot steps walk by me into the room, accompanied by the clinking of collar ID tags.  I closed the gate and reached down to try and grab the dog.  I touched its back.  I could feel the fur, but the dog ran away from me and around the bed.  I searched the entire room and found nothing.  When I went back out to the living room, I saw the dog curled up, sleeping where it had been the whole time.
  There are probably many more stories I'm forgetting about at the moment, but I'll recount them to you as I remember them.  Feel free to tell me your own stories of supernatural experiences.

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