Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Food

  My wife and I really like that sandwich that Adam Sandler made in Spanglish.  On the DVD, the chef who created the sandwich tells you how to make one.  You oughtta rent it some time.
  We just got paid so we went food shopping.  I always like trying different cheeses.  I got a block of Camembert and some Creme de Saint Agur.  The former reminds me a little of Brie, but with more of a mellow flavor.  The latter reminds me of Gorgonzola except that it has a creamy texture.  I have some cream cheese with lox in it.  I spread some of that on half a bagel.  I spread the Creme de Saint Agur on the other half, put them together and ate it.  Fuck yeah, motherfucker, that's some good shit!  God damn.
  To fill myself up the rest of the way I had some rice with chili oil and soy sauce.  In Spanish, soy means 'I am' so it would be I am sauce I put on my arroz.  What the hell am I talking about?  Anyway, hello, Denmark.  I see that you're online right now reading my blog.

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