Monday, January 24, 2011


  I can shred cheese and I can shred paper.  Why oh why can't I shred on the guitar?  With all this shredding, my rotator cuff doesn't want to rotate anymore.  Workman's comp!  Punitive (not putative) damages!  I get all this fine powderized paper on my hands (and no, FBI, it's not anthrax!).
  If you've been reading my blogs today, you've seen that I've got food on my mind.  Did you know that America is one of the only countries in the world who doesn't consider insects to be a food item?  Most cultures in the world have some bugs in their diet.
  At an Entomology (not to be confused with etymology) fair I attended once at the University of Arizona, they had several delicacies available to sample that had bugs as an ingredient.  I had meal worms, bees, beetle larvae, grasshoppers, crickets and ants to eat that night.  At a buffet line in Korea, there were grasshoppers and crickets available.  Also in Korea, silk worms are sold on street corners by vendors.  They are also available canned at grocery stores.
  Once, Cold Stone Creamery had a promotion where if you ate an ice cream cone that had a cricket in it, you'd get a gift certificate for a free ice cream dish.  I had so many gift certificates by the time the promotion ended!  When I worked at Petsmart, some people were daring each other to eat some of the meal worms or crickets that are intended as lizard food.  I think I won like $20 that day.  Meal worms taste a bit like silk worms, just to give you an idea.
  When I was trying to be a vegetarian the summer after I graduated from high school, I read a magazine full of vegetarian recipes.  It was from there that I found out that there are many species of edible flowers.  The only one I actually had easy access to was squash flowers.  If you pick the flower and rinse it off in the sink, you can make sure there are no bugs in it (unless you want bugs in it).  Then you steam them and baste them in a little melted butter.  They're so tender and juicy that way!  Yummy yummy yummy.

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