Thursday, January 27, 2011


  I was just reading Kayla's blog, Evolution and I love what she said about our perceptions of the physical world.  I mean, how come if a soda sits out for an hour it becomes 'hot' and when dinner sits out for an hour it becomes 'cold' when we use sophisticated machinery like heaters, coolers and thermostats to make sure that a room is neither too hot nor too cold?  It's like Goldilocks and the three bears were the judges of three different things that are really all the same temperature.  This soda is too hot.  This food is too cold.  This room temperature is just right.
  Speaking of picky fairy tale damsels, you know the Princess and the Pea?  I sure hope that pea didn't develop an eating disorder after that bitch called him fat!  I should start a support group for foods with mental issues.  I want that pea to know that he's loved and should accept himself just as God made him.  The poor Japanese ham sammiches can have a safe place to share their feelings about that mean old Zombie Killer and his mordant denigrations.
  I'm apparently good at rearranging supply closets.  The staff in the mail room had me rearrange their supply closet and really liked what I did so then I was recommended to rearrange the supply closet for the payroll office.  File cabinets, shelves, shredder, copier and a bunch of loose random shit was what I had to juggle around trying to make it all fit in a room where you'd wet all four walls with a good sneeze.  I'm plumb tuckered out.  My boots smell like a cheese even the French wouldn't eat, but that damn room is beautiful if I must say so myself!

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