Monday, January 17, 2011


  Kayla and I just watched Lost Boys: The Thirst and it was so cool.  As far as trilogies go, it's up there with Star Wars (not the new shit), Back to the Future and the Evil Dead trilogy in my mind.  Lost Boys and Near Dark are some of my favorite vampire movies.
  Near Dark never had any sequels that I know of.  I could be wrong.  To me, it was just a gritty, dark film with no frills.  It didn't glamorize vampires.  These were just real people who had to kill to eat.  I don't even recall them having fangs.  I don't think there was anything about crosses, bats, garlic or any of the usual vampire shit.  It was just people like you and me who have been forced to get used to a condition which makes them have to drink human blood.
  That's the sort of feel I'd like to have with the vampires in my stories.  In the Nocent stories, since all the vampires are only half-vampires, I have the added element of how they can protect humans without killing anybody.  Of course, they can destroy the zombies because they're already dead, but there are also human followers of the Nocent who must be dealt with in a humane fashion.

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