Wednesday, January 12, 2011


  Cheese is a very important topic to me.  When I took a Stress Management class, they taught us how to meditate.  They said to focus on one thing.  That one thing I focused on was a slice of sharp cheddar.  I could see it, smell it, feel it as my teeth bit into it and taste it on my tongue.  How calming.
  I enjoy a wide variety of cheeses from all over the world.  I love a good smoked gouda, havarti, Muenster, Dubliner or the occasional brie.  I like to shred some Manchego onto my spaghetti.  Of course, there's the mozzarella, parmesan, nacho, cheddar, Colby, Jack and American.  I love cottage cheese.  One of my favorite might be gorgonzola, but it has to be by Stella.  Black River makes a decent gorg, but I can't stand Belgoioso.  I'm not a big fan of Swiss.  How do they put the holes in Swiss cheese anyway?
  Whenever I'm at a grocery store, I hope they'll have a free sample of cheeses for me.  One time, the lady had a platter of cheese samples and she just had to tell me that it was imported.  I replied, "Well, I guess if it was exported, it wouldn't be here."  She didn't think that was very funny.
  Speaking of samples, remember the Pepsi Challenge?  I used to have fun with those poor souls pouring the samples.  I could tell by the way the colas looked in the cup, which was which.  I'd deliberately grab the Coke first and swallow it down in one gulp.  I'd have a satisfied look on my face as I set down the empty sample cup.  Then I'd reach for the Pepsi cup, sip a little, then turn to the side and spray it out my mouth like they do in the movies.  I'd set down the mostly full Pepsi cup and declare that I preferred the first.  The poor sample pourer would then have to reveal to the surrounding crowds which one I had chosen.  Boy, I was a mean Pepsi challenge taker.

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