Thursday, January 13, 2011


  When I first heard the word sublimate, I had to have it explained to me.  I don't remember who I was with.  It might have been Kayla, Becky (my sister) or my mom.  I just remember it was a female and that they made a hilarious joke.  To sublimate is to go straight from a solid to a gas without first becoming a liquid.  The female I was with said, "Like Taco Bell?  When I eat there, that stuff sublimates inside my gut."  I still think of that every time I go to Taco Bell.
  Anyway, I'd like to thank my new readers in Switzerland and Poland.  Hey Switzerland, I apologize for what I said about Swiss cheese yesterday.  You've got some good banks from what I hear, and some good Army knives too.  Hey Poland, thank you because my wife is half Polish.  Y'all got some good sausages too.
  To all my readers, in a war between zombies and vampires, who do you think would win?  Here are my thoughts on the subject:  I think about both Alien vs. Predator and Freddy vs. Jason.  The Predators are highly intelligent with spacecrafts, weapons and such.  The Aliens are more animalistic, but have their instinct and thoughtless brutality on their side.  Freddy too is highly intelligent with his dream manipulation, finger knives and wit.  Jason, on the other hand, is more animalistic, with instinct and thoughtless brutality.  I think you can see where I'm going with this.  Just plug vampires and zombies into the above equation.  These are just my thoughts.  What do you think?

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