Sunday, January 30, 2011

Third Eye Not Blind

  When I was a kid, I used to spend time before I fell asleep, while I had my eyes closed, focusing on what looked to me like an eye in the darkness.  It's kind of a football shaped, yellow image with a hole in the middle.  Usually the hole was black, but sometimes it was blue.  Once, as I was concentrating on the blue hole, the yellow eye started to grow and fill my entire field of vision.  The blue hole got bigger and I could see a city in the distance.  I entered the the world beyond the eye.  I don't remember anything about the city.  Over the years I tried and tried to go back through the eye, but never was able to.
  Now that I'm more spiritually mature, I have come to the belief that I was meditating without knowing it.  I was focusing on my third eye chakra.  I think the third eye is instrumental in giving you "second sight" or the "sixth sense".  When I was a kid, I suddenly got the idea that I should pick up a deck of cards.  I did.  Then I knew I'd be able to randomly cut the deck and tell which card I'd see if I closed my eyes and focused on it.  I closed my eyes and visualized the deck.  At first I couldn't see any specific card.  In my impatience I thought of a randomly chosen card.  I saw it in my mind and was about to cut the deck, but I paused.  In my mind, a different card magically rose out of the deck.  I looked at the card, but stubbornly wanted to believe I had already thought of the card I'd cut to.  I cut the deck, opened my eyes and looked, expecting to see my card.  Of course, it was the second card that was sitting right there in my hand.  Try as I might, I've never been able to do that again.
  In college, there was an occasion when I was playing paper rock scissors with a friend of mine.  I knew each time what sign she would choose so I chose it too.  About 10 to 12 rounds later, we had tied every time.  Just to test myself and prove that it wasn't just coincidence, I deliberately chose to show a different sign than what I knew she was gonna show.  I showed a rock because I knew she was gonna show scissors.  Sure enough, I won that round.
  All my life, I've been able to close my eyes and see my hands in front of my face.  I could move my hands around, make different gestures, and see it all.  Kayla says that if I wanted to, I could do much more than that.  That's always just been a fun little exercise to do when I'm bored, but she says she's been able to remote view and see into other rooms and stuff.  She can tell me what I'm doing in the kitchen while she's sitting in the living room.  I'm not that good yet.
  There is a fun exercise that she and I do together.  One of us will lie down with our eyes closed.  The other will hold a hand about six inches to a foot above their body.  The person lying down then tells the other person where they feel the hand is near.  We tried that when we first met.  It took me a while to get into the groove, but eventually, I could actually feel her hand above me.  It felt like electricity or energy.  It tingled.  I could even identify when she wasn't keeping her hand stationary.  I told her she was moving it up and down along my torso.  She laughed because she was testing me and I passed!  Last night we did it again and I only got three out of four right.  The only one I missed was when her hand was over my head.  She said that it felt cooler over my head than anywhere else over my body.  That would seem to indicate that my third eye chakra was unbalanced.  So I took some time to balance it.  Hopefully now, I'll be more in tune with the world around me.

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