Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Little More About the New Blog

  I just made a ceviche from scratch.  I took fresh cilantro, an onion, lime juice, crab meat, chilis and a little salt.  I put the cilantro and some onion into a food processor, chopped up the chilis and added this to the crab meat.  The finishing touch was the lime juice and a little salt.  Boy, that was some good stuff!
  I'm really excited about this new blog I'm doing.  I was just digging through my old writing.  I have a story I wrote in elementary school!  I think that's what I'll put in next.  That's the cool part of this new blog is that I can do several blogs a day and it will still take years to put everything out.  Whenever I can, I plan to put a little bit about the circumstances surrounding the writing of the particular piece.  If it was graded by a teacher, I might provide you with the teacher's comments (good or bad).
  After I'm done blogging, my wife and I are going to go to the historical Saint Marys to the Submarine Museum because we've heard that it's haunted.  We've already been to Orange Hall.  There's also a bar there that is reported to be haunted.  We will take pictures and record audio.  We want to capture orbs, which we believe to be spirits.  We can also hopefully get some EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon), which we believe to be spirit voices.  We've got tons of orb pictures from all over Saint Marys and Kingsland.  We also have some EVPs we recorded in our own apartment.  Some other time, I'll tell you more about all the paranormal experiences I've had throughout my life.

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