Monday, January 10, 2011

What An Ordeal!

  Last April, I sent in my money to the DMV in Arizona cuz I needed to renew my registration which was to expire in May.  I waited and waited, but nothing ever came in the mail.  When I contacted them, they said they sent me new tags and a new piece of paper saying I had current registration.  It just never got to me.  They told me for $5, they'd send me a duplicate copy.  I don't want to pay more money for something that is rightfully mine.
  Since then, I've had my vehicle inspected at least four times at several different gates on this submarine base.  Every time, the MAs run my tags and see that my registration is current, no problem.  Well, today was a different story.  I got another inspection, but the MAs computer was down so they couldn't run my tags.  They scraped my base stickers off my wind shield and I had a police car escort me off the base.  I can no longer drive my car on base!
  Anyway, I still have a loving family and I was able to procure a ride to work tomorrow morning so everything's fine.  I'll just have to bite the bullet, pay the five bucks and get me my tags.  On a brighter note, my wife has discovered the therapeutic properties of blogging.  She started last night and has already published five blogs!  I hope you all enjoy her blogs as well as mine.

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