Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Got Mad Skills

  Back in high school I took place in a talent show.  There were nineteen contestants.  There were three different categories of performance with six places each of winners and runners up.  Three times six equals eighteen winners.  I was the one person who got nothing for my poetry reading.  I got mad skills.
  Once, when I lived in El Paso, Texas, I travelled all the way to New Mexico somewhere for a Regionals competition for several activities.  I did a clay sculpture for the art competition, played ping pong and participated in a spelling bee.  The sculpture got 8th place.  I didn't even place in the ping pong.  The spelling bee was more like a bumble bee, earning me absolute last place.  I got mad skills.
  Once, when I was in high school in Seoul, Korea, I put together a science project that involved playing various styles of music to common household plants.  I conducted the experiment, did my research and wrote up everything into a comprehensive report complete with charts, diagrams, bibliography, etc.  I spent months on the project so that I could participate in my high school's annual science symposium which takes place in Tsukuba, Japan.  I was told my project wasn't very scientific so I couldn't go.  I got mad skills.

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