Friday, June 24, 2011

Remember Sammy Jenkis

  Kayla and I watched 'Great Balls of Fire' about Jerry Lee Lewis, on Netflix just now.  I knew that Dennis Quaid was in the movie, but when I saw in the beginning credits that Stephen Tobolowsky was gonna be in it, I was a lot more interested.  He's one of my favorite character actors.
  When you think about it, most lead characters in movies don't have a very memorable last name.  I can't think of many movies where I even know the lead character's last name.  Keeping this in mind, when I examine the career of Stephen Tobolowsky, I can't think of any lead characters he's played.  He's only played minor supporting characters as far as I recall.  Despite this, I can think of two characters off the top of my head that he has played who have memorable last names.
  If you've ever seen the movie, 'Memento', you might remember the tattoo that says, "Remember Sammy Jenkis."  It is integral to the plot of the movie.  The guy who plays Sammy Jenkis is none other than our old buddy old pal, Stephen.  Again, in 'Groundhog Day', there is a character who is an old classmate of Bill Murray's.  "Ned Ryerson.  Needle-Nosed Ned, Ned the Head."  I'm betting you can guess who plays him.
  Anyway, I made my famous Pesto Alfredo sauce for dinner of noodles tonight.  Kayla cooked the noodles and some Texas Toast.  Good stuff, baby!

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