Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sinister Press

  My wife and I have a movie called 'All Good Things' in our instant queue on Netflix.  I told her, "I'll bet you it's nothing like 'The Neverending Story' because 'All Good Things' must come to an end."  Years ago, when that John Travolta/Nicolas Cage movie, 'Face Off' came out, I was quite disappointed.  After a while, a movie called 'Switch Back' came out and I never watched it because I thought it was the sequel to 'Face Off'.
  Anyway, I just logged on to our Yahoo account and noticed that we got an email from a representative of Sinister Press.  It's a book publishing company.  I had submitted a copy of my short story, 'Alive Again' for their consideration.  It seems as if they liked it.  They said it took a while to get back to me because they got a lot of submissions, but that mine stood out!  I've never been one to struggle with incontinence problems and that fact saved our computer chair from needing to be steam cleaned when I read that email.
  If I get my book published, I really owe a lot of gratitude to my wife and family, God, myself (I guess), and all of my readers out there.  I emailed him back and now it's just a matter of waiting for his reply.

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